Monday, June 9, 2008

Comic #29:Phantom Daily:The Snake Goddess Island(S157;2003)

This one is among those very few Post-Falk Phantom strips I loved!! A fascinating tale wid a mysterious finishing too! Between,it's a contribution from Chatur Chetha and all though it may be available on-line somewhere,but reading in a one-go is a treat,,Ain't friends?? :-)
By the way,there are ONLY Three such 'special' Phantom adventures where GWW had to face Snake Goddesses!! :o)
First one was D161(The Snake Goddess;1988) published in Indrajal as the same title(Vol.25 No.27 & 28) while the later one was a Post-Ijc Sunday strip:S141(Queen Medusa;1994) .These two were created by maestro Lee Falk while the 3rd one was by Reimerthi in 2003!


Monday, June 2, 2008

The First Indian Comic Hero:Bahadur - In the Verge of RETURN!

Any Bahadur-Fan can contact Mr.Surti through mail & you can share your thinking wid this great creator!!You can find his mail-id through his PERSONAL SITE where you'll find he's MORE than just a Comic-creator! :-)
...YES,this is NO joke !!! :-) Yesterday,there was an article in the ToI on our passion:Indrajal Comics and the major characters like Phantom/Mandrake etc and the on-going madness for ol' IJc copies! :-)
All though this article majorly based on P/M but then in the later parts author mentioned another Indrajal Hero,who was incidentally the FIRST Indian Comic-Hero,Bahadur - the brave!!!
AND THERE'S A VERY GOOD NEWS FOR HIS FANS:The main creator of this desi hero,Abid Surti,is thinking about a revival of this amazing series!!!! Hope he'll do it pretty soon!!! YAYYYYYYYY :D

Some lines from this article:
....."Aabid Surti, the creator of Bahadur, is a happy man when told of the legions of fans his comic character has spawned. Reportedly, there are Bahadur fan clubs in the US, where each comic sells for a staggering USD 100. Surti, a well-known cartoonist then, conceived of Bahadur and started the comic strip in 1976. "Bennett, Coleman & Co wanted me to create an Indian character that could take on the popularity of the three foreign comics that ruled the market in India then—The Phantom, Mandrake and Tarzan," he says. "During that time, the Chambal Valley was becoming increasingly notorious, and there were exhortations to people to group together to fight crime. So I developed the character of Bahadur as someone who helps create a citizens' police force to fight the dacoits."

"Surti is working on reviving Bahadur as a comic strip and says he is in talks with publishers. A movie is also being planned on the character—while one with Anurag Kashyap didn't work out, there's another one on the anvil, says Surti."

Finally,his take on Bahadur-Bela's relationship :
...."Surti has an interesting explanation for why Bahadur sports a saffron kurta and jeans. "A kurta and saffron were symbols of Indianness. And jeans were a Western import and indicated progress. Hence, the combination," he says. "In fact, I have showed Bahadur and his girlfriend, Bela, in a live-in relationship—something unheard of in those times. But it was very well accepted by the audience."You can read the complete article HERE .