Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Diamond Mandrake Infos...

UPDATE: Thanks to Srinivas(Bhotla) & Ajay,got info's regarding some DCs,,also Balaji has promised to send 3 DC Info's which he having with him(info's means scans of Covers with 2/3 page-scans of stories for identification!).
Thanks you all,,,will put those scans soon ,,,may be sooner than later we'll complete DC-M Index with support from you guys! :D
Hello friends, after a long time,eh!! :-)
From the last few months I am preparing an INDEX of Diamond Mandrake published by DC(Ind) in 1992-2000 era! They had published 86 issues among those 30+ issues were simply re-print of earlier issues. I've prepared a list based on infos from my own collection and other fan's help like Peder,Ajay,Anurag etc and with their help,till now I've managed to collect information of 70+ issues, i.e. only 13/14 are left to be identified!! :-)
My request is ,to ALL those visitors/fans who have these following issues,please come forward and share necessary infos in order to complete the Index!

Those are :DC #72, 75, 78, 79, 82, 83, 85, 86
By the way, in this process,I'd requested some fans who claimed to have some of these missing DCs,,but somehow they are not interested to share even few statistics (i.e. Strip title,number of stories etc)..
I hope there are still some fans who have these books and "willing" to share....
Ajay/Anurag have supplied whatever with them,so I request others to come forward,if have any of those Numbers.... :-)
Thanks in advance....
And finally,here's few DC-Mandrake covers for you enjoyment(scans from Ajay,Anurag & myself)...and Cover-wise I've managed to get 65+ covers scans till now!:-)